Luxurious facilities for valued members

The newest carp fishing syndicate complex in East Anglia has been meticulously planned to offer the finest facilities for the discerning angler.

St Genevieve Lakes will offer its clients an unprecedented level of facilities in a quite stunning setting.

Almost a quarter of a million trees have been planted on the site to create a wondrous environment. Oaks, Ash, Aspen, Silver Birch, Alder, Willow, Hazel, Field Maple, Holly, Pine, Cherry, Hawthorn and Blackthorn create stunning colour and cover all year round.

The site is located in the Suffolk village of Fornham St Genevieve and was designed with total privacy in mind. This has been achieved by landscaping soils and comprehensive tree screening to ensure that nobody can see in and spoil the peace and beauty that you deserve. Indeed each lake is totally separate from the other and are all completely unique in it their own landscape.

There is no public access, no footpaths, no dog walkers the whole site is completely fenced in to ensure total privacy, to this end security gates and CCTV has been added. All power lines have been buried underground on site to ensure that nothing detracts from the beauty of the site.

The site is wholly owned by the Stennett family and forms part of the fantastic St Genevieve Estate. Being privately owned means that we can invest towards our future of our fishery without landlords trying to prevent influence our decisions.

For the more discerning angler the well maintained internal Estate tracks offer excellent access to many swims on each lake where you can off load your tackle within feet of your swim and then return your car to the car park.

There is also the added advantage that being located just 2 miles from the historic market town of Bury St Edmunds most take away deliveries can be made to the car park for those that seek an easy life.

Showers, toilets and a fisherman’s room are all provided to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. There is 4G mobile phone coverage throughout the site from most of the popular networks.