St Genevieve’s Lake

St Genevieve’s Lake is the largest on the complex, it is named after the nearby village of Fornham St Genevieve, which lends the site its name.

St Genevieve’s is the oldest and most mature lake on the Estate. The lake was first dug in 1989 for its rich deposits of aggregate and is over 20 acres in size containing varying water depths, dropping down to well in excess of 20 feet in places.

St Genevieve’s Lake has been designed with two very different aspects of carp angling in mind. You can either fish from the front car park swims on a lawn environment just feet from the car park, or for those that prefer adventure you can explore the back of the lake and get amongst the willows and the weed and test your skills.

The first stocking (that we are aware of) was in 2005 when 600 commons and mirrors were introduced from Framlingham Fisheries.

St Genevieve is full of natural food that Carp thrive on, this is supplemented by feeding our own quality boilies and pellet to ensure fish health and continued growth.

The original stocking of this lake has been re-inforced with fish from some of the countries top Carp producers VS fisheries, AJS Croatian strain and Priory fisheries. To compliment that we have added 180 of our home grown Carp which have exceeded our expectations on looks and growth.

We expect that the current lake record of 32lbs to be surpassed with ease year on year.


St Genevieve’s Lake Stocking Programme

Common and Mirror Carp stocked in 2005
AJS Fisheries Mirror Carp in October 2016
AJS/Priory carp in 2017
Home bred Priory carp added in 2018
AJS x Croatian carp added in 2018
Priory x Croatian carp added in 2020