St Martin’s Lake

St Martin’s Lake contains some stunning scaled mirror carp, plenty of which have yet to grace the bank.

St Martin’s Lake is the newest lake in the complex and was completed in 2013. Set in fast maturing parkland and surrounded by grassland this 12 acre lake is long and deceptively wide at its widest point.

St Martin’s Lake was stocked with stunning Priory fish in the Autumn of 2013 and 2014. These fish were first stocked in our growing ponds in 2008 and were transferred with the largest fish making a weight of 24lbs before being transferred.

We are sure with the abundance of natural food that the current lake record of 29lbs will be surpassed with our first 30lb fish in no time.

Again, having been lightly fished, St Martin’s Lake holds many carp which have yet to be caught, and will undoubtedly have some surprises waiting for some very lucky anglers.

St Martin’s Lake Stocking Programme

Priory Mirror Carp were stocked in Autumn 2013
Priory Mirror Carp were stocked in Autumn 2014