All Saints Lake

All Saints Lake is the last lake to have benefited from our planting and landscaping and has been designed to be our most sociable lake.

All Saints Lake was the former silt pond for the site during excavation and is approximately six and a half acres in size with a fairly flat bottom with an average depth of seven feet.

This lake has been designed with the social aspect of angling in mind, with wide chunky swims. There may only be seven swims in total, but with double and treble swims made from telegraph poles and topped with wood chip, this ensures a comfortable time with your friends on the bank is possible.

Willow, Reedmace, Blue Rush and Iris have all been planted and are rapidly maturing, to form what we hope is going to be a stunning little lake set with the backdrop of attractive tree belts.

The first stockings were made in 2012 with fish sourced from Frontfish UK, the lake has been lightly fished and the largest fish caught so far has been a 23lbs fully scaled mirror carp. What else could be lurking in the depths waiting to be caught?

These first stockings have been supplemented by AJS fish which have been grown in our own stock ponds and allowed to reach bigger weights before being stocked into the fishery.

All Saints Lake Stocking Programme

Frontfish UK Carp stocked in 2012
AJS Fisheries Common and Mirror Carp stocked in October 2016